How To Profit In MLM Opportunities On The Internet

Success in MLM Opportunities is beyond reach for most people. The reason for that are the very methods being encouraged by most network marketing companies.

MLM: Past… Present and Future

You don’t have to use those old mlm methods anymore and because you don’t… you can be successful by operating your mlm opportunities from the internet. Offline mlm has a 77 year past… the methods developed over those years did work. But do you use a shovel and pick to build a road… when an excavator and grader are available? No… of course not… you use the best tools available. So with mlm you also use the best available tools.

As more and more people understand this… we’ll see mlm opportunities prosper online… and the shameful failure rate improve!

The Old MLM Methods

The very unpopular practice of ‘making-a-list’ of family,How To Profit In MLM Opportunities On The Internet Articles friends, storekeepers, school-teachers and anyone you meet… to systematically promote your mlm opportunities to… has caused many people much grief, family disputes, and lost friends. If your family and friends are interested in your business… they’ll ask you! But to assume that they are interested… is so wrong!

An equally unpopular old mlm method… that is also very costly… is ‘buying leads and genealogy lists’ from ‘lead’ companies. The success rate with these is ultra-low and the time consumed is extreme. They always have been a blatant waste of time and money. However ‘lead’ companies keep dressing-up leads to market them in new ways. It’s good to understand where a ‘lead’ comes from. A ‘lead’ is the often suspect details of a person who has exchanged details for a downloadable freebie. Hardly a quality prospect for your mlm opportunities.

Other time-consuming methods encouraged by mlm companies are attending meetings, seminars, ad placements, notices etc… all for a low-level of result. To the mlm company… you are the unpaid salesman and you are… the paying customer. You do need to buy products to earn commissions. If a member never bought product… he/she would be missing out on commission… based on sales in his/her team. It’s reasonable that you should be ‘active,’ but the amount of product you have to purchase to be ‘active’ is often ‘jacked-up’ and unreasonable.

Membership fees of either a once-only cost or a low-cost annual fee are acceptable. That membership fee should be the only requirement for membership! The problem with some companies is that they tie mlm opportunities membership to product purchase. In fact their compensation plan rewards are based on jacked-up member purchases. This is completely wrong and product purchase should be based on customer sales and the actual buying of product as part of membership is unfair. Member purchase of product should always be optional.

Selling techniques are not taught in the old mlm model. Sharing is a word often used. It doesn’t matter what word is used… the fact is… you gotta exchange money for stuff. That is selling… and if there’s no selling… no one gets any money!

Many people are fearful of ‘sales’ and often look at mlm opportunities in the hope that no-selling is involved. What they are really fearful of is face-to-face selling. That is not a concern on the internet where you use text. Although wonderful tools like Skype Webcam (VOIP) phones are great for bringing your team members into your lounge-room. Network Marketing companies need mlmers to create large product-buying teams. Mlmers want to create a large ‘residual’ income.

This requires good relationship building interpersonal skills by mlmers. The bigger the team you build… the bigger the reward! No need for opportunity, training, or hotel meetings, or seminars… and long hours on the phone talking to ‘lookers.’ You can do all the marketing that brings results… from your home… using your fingertips at your computer… operating from your own website business.

The New Online MLM

MLM opportunities on the internet is progress in motion! As I alluded to earlier… you don’t want to be using archaic marketing methods… when there are new, better marketing techniques available. One of the best aspects of an online mlm business is you only ever… talk to or email people who have expressed an interest in your business. How much better is that? If your content information in your website business doesn’t interest people… that’s Ok… you’re only interested in those who like your content! You have ‘lookers’ and ‘non- doers’… on the internet as well!

The internet is the channel through which you will reach vast numbers of people. You’ll get a percentage of site-visitors ‘put their hand-up’ as being interested in your business… others will subscribe to your newsletter… as well others will buy some of your affiliate programs, products or ebooks. This is the new online mlm opportunities way and it is far superior than the old model. Using this marketing method… income flow will build as you increase your website business marketing.

The best Online Marketing Tools

Basically on the internet there are two main marketing methods. 1. Content or Information Marketing 2. Interactive Marketing. As well as these marketing methods there’s Online Advertising which comprises two main styles. 1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising 2. Online Classifieds.

The essential content method you need to use is to have a ‘content website.’ Your website business must be based on information… freely given information that your site-visitors can use and appreciate. Having quality information can lead to a few things. 1. Your site-visitors will bookmark and return to your site 2. Site-visitors will subscribe to your newsletter 3. Search Engines will increase your site ranking… thereby increasing the numbers of site-visitors 4. Some site-visitors will buy your programs or products 5. Some site-visitors will express an interest in your mlm opportunities.

Another powerful content marketing method is article-writing. By submitting a theme article pointing to one of your webpages… you are sending more site-visitors and further increasing your site ranking at the search engines. Articles are usually 400 words up and can include photos and videos, surveys or even competitions. Maybe you can’t do this at all article directories… but certainly all the good directories are progressive in this regard. The others will have to follow.

Other content information methods are press-releases, white-papers and video streaming. All these approaches contribute to and complement natural search traffic generated by your content website. Content information informs those one billion plus search-box clickers. It is all about giving people the information they want, while marketing your programs, products and mlm opportunities.

Interactive marketing is becoming huge and certainly too big to ignore! Blogs, niche-forums, bookmarking sites, social networking sites and squidoo lenses are the ‘key’ interactive methods. Blogs are where you can do some serious marketing. People can learn about you and your business… from your blog you can direct people to your website business. A different approach to blogging is the mini-blog… A video series on Twitter training is available now and it takes you through the set-up and use of Twitter to benefit your website business. I found it very useful and easy to follow. The presenter of this series is exceptional in delivery of the content.

Niche-forums are a little different in that you can’t directly ‘market’ your buiness. You do have your signture-links though… and forum contacts will visit your site. At forums you ask questions, make comments and give advise. You are generally posting to like-minded forum users. Joining a few of these will help you and your business. Finding responsive niche-forums is essential.

In social networking sites… you’ll also find it is bad manners to directly ‘market’ your business. However you do give your signature-links a good work-over! Contacts will visit your business site and even if they are not interested, they may know others who are interested in what your website business offers. Regularily posting useful information can generate good questions and activity at social sites. Being active at about three social sites would be enough to boost site visits considerable. Also you do have to manage your time.

Except for boosting a new website or new product… I don’t recommend pay-per-click advertising. They are far too costly for most marketers. If you take the time to learn how to do them properly… you can get good results and return on investment. Generally most people don’t take that time to learn and get seriously burnt. So learn or leave!

Online classified sites like Craigs List have about 40 million visitors each month. The results are generally not forthcoming to spend too much time on this marketing approach. If you have the time… they are worth a blast, particularily if you have a high-demand product. All those site-visitors have gotta click-off to a few sites.


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